Reservation in Admissions

Reservation in Admissions

Reservation Policy as prescribed by the Government of Maharashtra from time to time will be applicable for the admissions.

Territorial Reservation

As per Section 34 (4) of the MIT Vishwaprayag University Act 2023 “Out of total approved intake capacity, forty percent of the seats shall be reserved for the students domiciled in the State of Maharashtra.


40% seats are reserved for Maharashtra that means 60% seats are open. Those seats can be allotted to anyone including Maharashtra Candidates and these are not reserved for OMS.

Documents required to claim Territorial Reservation:

  • Domicile Certificate / Birth Certificate / Nationality Certificate

Social or Vertical Reservation

The Reservations given below shall be applicable only to the candidates belonging to the State of Maharashtra. Candidates from outside the Maharashtra State, even if belong to reserved category, as per the reservation policy of the respective States, still for the admission purposes in MIT Vishwaprayag University, Solapur those candidates will be treated as open candidates.

Documents required to claim Social or Vertical Reservation:

1. For Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe categories

  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate

2. For Vimukta Jati, Nomadic Tribe 1, 2 and 3 and Other Backward Class

  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate valid for the admission year

The percentage of seats reserved for the socially backward classes are as follows:

sr. Reservation Category      Percentage 
Scheduled Caste (SC) 13% 
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 7% 
Vimukta Jati  3% 
Nomadic Tribes 1 2.5% 
Nomadic Tribes 2 3.5% 
Nomadic Tribes 3 2% 
Other Backward Class 19% 
 Total 50% 

1. Reservation for EWS Candidate: As per the provisions in Government Resolution No. 4019/-. 31/16, dated 12th February 2019, 10% seats shall be reserved for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) candidates. These 10% seats shall be over & above the sanctioned intake for the respective course.

2. Concession in fee/ Scholarship to the 10% of students belonging to Economically Weaker Section Admitted in AY 2024-25(As per (i) above) ; As per the provision of Government of Maharashtra GR Misc-2022/pk91/vishs-4, dt 22.06.2023, 50% concession/scholarship in total fee will be provided to 10% (ten percent) students as per merit, belonging to Economically weaker section as per Government Norms.

Horizontal Reservation

Apart from the above reservations, there will be parallel reservations for Son/Daughter of Defence Service Personnel, Disable candidates and women candidates.

  • Five percent seats of the total sanctioned intake of an institute shall be reserved for children of ex-service personnel and active service personnel who are domiciled in Maharashtra and of active service personnel, who are not domiciled in Maharashtra but are transferred to Maharashtra. Provided that such candidate should have appeared and passed the HSC Examination from the School situated in the State of Maharashtra.
  • Five percent seats of the total Seats for Maharashtra candidates per course shall be reserved for candidates with disability (minimum 40% benchmark disability). The candidates claiming reservation under this category shall submit the certificates from the authority competent for issuing such certificate which clearly states that the extent of disability is not less than 40% and the disability is permanent in nature.
  • Thirty percent of the total sanctioned intake of the program shall be reserved for women candidates. This reservation, however, being horizontal reservation, thirty percent seats will be reserved within the categories. For example, if there are 100 seats available for admission. Then 13 seats will be available for Scheduled caste and 7 seats for Scheduled Tribe and so on. Out of these 13 and 7 seats, 30 percent seats i.e. 4 and 2 will be available for women of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, respectively. Thus, reservation for women will be 30 percent within the category.