• The Knowledge Resource Center (KRC) at MIT Vishwapryag University serves as a pivotal hub for collaboration, learning, and information exchange.
  • Beyond providing access to a wealth of resources, KRC offers technological support, research assistance, reference services, and educational initiatives.
  • It plays a crucial role in supporting academic excellence, fostering information literacy, and preserving knowledge and cultural heritage.
  • KRC is committed to promoting research and innovation while ensuring equitable access to resources and staying abreast of technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of the MITVPU’s academic community.


To be a beacon of knowledge and creativity, where connecting readers with information transcends service to become a transformative experience. Through our dedication to innovation and the transformative power of information, we aspire to ignite curiosity, stimulate imagination, and cultivate a community of lifelong learners.


At MIT Vishwapryag University's Knowledge Resource Center, our mission is to embody MIT's cultural ethos by exemplifying compassion, empathy, and the enhancement of an innovative and vibrant learning environment for every learner.

KRC Committee

Honorable Vice-Chancellor Chairperson
Deans of Respective Schools Members
Director, Center for Advanced Leadership Member
Director, Center for Academic LeadershipMember
The Librarian Member Secretary

Team KRC


Dr. Jayadev B Kumbar

Deputy Librarian

Miss Rachana Shivalli

Library Trainee
Master's in Library and Information Science




Digital Resources



KRC Services

Current Awareness
Reprographic Service
E-Resource Training
Document Delivery Service
Similarity Services
Training on Citation Management Tools
Research Support


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Students and faculty can access e-resources through the university’s library portal using their login credentials.

Yes, KRC offers training sessions on citation management tools to assist researchers in organizing and formatting their references.



Master of Business Administration(MBA)

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the School of Business equips you with the skills to identify, develop, and implement innovative solutions that address the challenges of tomorrow.



NSE Academy
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Transform Knowledge into Impact

Collaborative Learning
Global Business Expertise
Entrepreneurship Development

Message from the Dean

At the School of Business, we’re breaking the siloed approach by aligning our curriculum with industry needs. Our courses are designed to close the gap between education and the workforce. We incorporate finishing school approaches and add-on training to ensure our students graduate not just with a degree but with the practical skills needed for success.

The School of Business is fostering an educational environment where students seamlessly transition into the workforce, contributing to India’s growth and prosperity. Together, we can bridge the gap and empower the next generation for a brighter future.

Prof. Nitin Kulkarni
School of Business

Our Faculty

Shri. Atul Bengeri

Professor of Practice,
School of Business

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