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Understanding the Scope of AI and Data Science in B.Tech CSE

Published on : 26/04/2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) have become focal points in B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence programs at various colleges. Both AI and DS, along with Machine Learning, are rapidly evolving fields. If you’re considering a dynamic career in the tech industry, you can pursue – B.Tech CSE in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. AI encompasses various technical and cognitive capabilities, including speech recognition, machine learning, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). Conversely, data science involves gathering and analyzing vast amounts of business-generated data to derive valuable insights for enhancing productivity and performance.

Therefore, this blog will dive into the B.Tech CSE program in AI and DS, covering its curriculum, career prospects, salary, the admissions process at MIT Vishwaprayag University (MIT-VPU), and additional details.

What is B.Tech CSE in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a four-year professional engineering undergraduate degree program. In recent years, AI and DS have become highly sought-after, dynamic, and rewarding career paths in the technology sector. This skill-focused course emphasizes practical and application-based research.

Why Choose MIT Vishwaprayag University for B.Tech CSE in AI and DS?

MIT Vishwaprayag University, affiliated with the renowned MIT Pune, now welcomes admissions for the academic year 2024-25 in Solapur. Offering B.Tech CSE in AI and DS, the program stands out for its alignment with NEP 2020 regulations, providing single entry and multiple exit options.

MIT-VPU emphasizes learning through interactive projects, hands-on labs, and industry internships, which equip students to shape the future. The management, faculty, and staff are committed to shaping the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers.

To apply for admission this year, please review the eligibility criteria and admissions process outlined below:

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the program, a candidate must have passed 10+2 in science with a minimum of 45% marks for the general category and 40% marks for candidates belonging to Backward class categories, Economically Weaker Sections, and Persons with Disability from Maharashtra State.

Candidates must have appeared in MHT-CET/JEE/PERA-CET and obtained a non-zero score. Alternatively, candidates who have passed the Diploma in Engineering and Technology with the specified marks are also eligible.

Admissions Process:

Admission notifications and advertisements will be published on the MIT-VPU website. Prospective candidates can fill-out the online application form at the MIT-VPU official website by paying the non-refundable entrance fee of  INR 1000/- for B.Tech. Shortlisted candidates will proceed further for the personal interview based on their rank and score. The selected candidates will be communicated by email or call.

For international candidates, admissions will be based on marks or grades obtained in the qualifying exams (As per Eligibility) and seat availability.

Scope of AI and DS in B.Tech CSE:

The scope of B. Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are extensive. Data science is indispensable for businesses, utilizing advanced analytics to discern trends and patterns from vast datasets. With statistical analysis, data aggregation, and mining techniques, it helps to forecast business outcomes effectively. The immense data volume and processing capabilities make it a lucrative career option for immediate employment after graduation.

  • Data Scientist:

    Professionals in data science derive vital insights from provided data, employing predictive analysis and machine learning techniques. They play a crucial role in cleaning and structuring data for organizational benefit.

  • Machine Learning Engineer:

    Machine learning engineers bridge data science and AI, programming computers to perform tasks without explicit instructions. Proficiency in programming languages like Python and Java is essential for this role.

  • Business Intelligence Developer:

    With a key role in organizations, business intelligence developers collect and analyze complex data to forecast market trends. They design user-friendly platforms connected to the cloud for storing and accessing data.

  • Big Data Engineer/Architect:

    Highly sought-after, big data engineers/architects design systems for efficient data collection and communication across business units. Expertise in programming languages like C++, Java, Python, and Scala is crucial in this field.

  • Database Developer:

    Database developers enhance database operations, and coding programs to meet company standards. They manage and maintain databases, address system flaws, and ensure optimal database performance and security.

Salary of B.Tech CSE AI and DS :

Different sectors offer varied roles and monthly salaries to graduates from institutions offering B.Tech degrees. For instance, entry-level salaries for positions in AI and DS in India can reach INR 6 LPA. According to a survey conducted by India Today, the number of AI-related jobs has significantly increased over the past three years.

In India, there are a substantial number of job openings in the AI and DS sectors due to a shortage of skilled applicants. A report by Analytics India Magazine and Great Learning indicates that over 4,000 positions remain unfilled. The complexity of the technology and the demand for specialized skills are the primary reasons for the skill shortage in AI. Consequently, salaries in AI and DS fields in India are relatively high compared to other professions.

With a solid grasp of data science and significant industry experience, individuals can achieve annual salaries ranging from approximately INR 7-17 LPA. Given the advanced education and skills required, salaries for B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science professionals surpass the national average. Experienced artificial intelligence engineers in India may earn an average annual salary ranging from five to twenty million rupees. Those with less than four years of experience typically receive around INR 4 lakhs per month.

Role/Position Salary (in INR)
Data Scientist 17.11 LPA
Computer Scientist 16.2 LPA
ML Engineer 9.5 LPA
AI Engineer 12.4 LPA
Data Engineer 8.35 LPA
Data Architect 7 LPA
Research Scientist 6.5 LPA
Algorithm Engineer 5.4 LPA
Data Analyst 4.9 LPA
Computer Vision Engineer 4.5 LPA

Disclaimer: The figures are subject to change depending on the industry and the job market trends.

Which is better CSE or CSE with specialisation in AI?

Determining whether CSE or CSE with a specialization in AI is superior is subjective. CSE encompasses various specializations, including AI, a prominent sub-discipline. A CSE degree offers a comprehensive education in computer science, covering programming, algorithms, data structures, and more. It provides a strong foundational understanding and flexibility to explore diverse fields.

Contrarily, a CSE degree with AI specialization offers focused education in AI-specific areas like machine learning and natural language processing. It deepens understanding and prepares for AI-centric careers. Both options have merits; specialization hones specific skills, while a broader CSE degree offers versatility.

In essence, the debate between CSE and CSE with AI specialization is nuanced. Both paths are valuable, offering abundant learning opportunities and career prospects. Each student’s preference and career goals dictate the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The B.Tech CSE program with a specialization in AI and DS is aimed towards cultivating expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science.


Utilizing statistical analysis, data aggregation, and mining methods, the B.Tech CSE program with a focus on AI and DS accurately predicts business results. The substantial data volume and processing capacities render it an appealing choice for immediate employment after graduation.


The undergraduate B.Tech. program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science integrates various fields like big data, data sciences, deep learning, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) presents a broader selection of elective courses encompassing software engineering, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence. Conversely, AI and Data Science programs, although featuring electives, tend to concentrate more on specialized subjects within the realms of AI and data science.


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