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Importance Of Design Thinking Course In Education

Published on : 08/12/2023 

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the philosophy of design thinking has emerged as a guiding light, focusing on the essence of adopting a human-centric approach to living. At the forefront of this transformative approach is MIT Vishwaprayag University, where the design thinking course takes center stage, playing a crucial role in shaping the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

In Education the Design Thinking is Important as it:

1) Develop a human-centric philosophy:

  • Design thinking revolves around the fundamental concept of embracing a human-centric approach to problem-solving and decision-making.
  • It goes beyond traditional education paradigms, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing the real needs of individuals and communities.

2) Sensitizing students about community needs:

  • Through design thinking a step-by-step approach is employed to sensitize students about community needs.
  • This involves active participation in problem-solving, encouraging students to immerse
    themselves in real-world challenges.
  • By understanding the intricacies of community issues, students become equipped with the tools to devise innovative solutions.

3) Plays crucial role in skill development:

  • The design thinking course is not just about theoretical knowledge, it is a dynamic platform that nurtures essential skills.
  • Skills such as teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving are intricately woven into the course structure.
  • This ensures that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop the ability to apply it creatively in practical scenarios.

4) Helps in transforming student into responsible citizens:

  • MIT Vishwaprayag University emphasizes on Design thinking approach to showcase the transformative journey of its students.
  • Through active engagement with peers and the community, students identify critical
  • The hands-on experience allows them to develop solutions tailored to human needs, instilling a profound sense of responsibility towards societal issues.

5) Provides dynamic learning experience:

  • MIT Vishwaprayag university stands out by co-creating a dynamic learning experience through Design thinking courses for its students.
  • Collaboration with industry professionals and the academic fraternity ensures that education goes beyond theory, providing practical relevance aligned with the demands of the evolving job market.

6) Acts as pivotal force in student development:

  • Design thinking is not just a course, it’s a pivotal force in student development.
  • It prepares students to tackle real-world challenges by fostering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures innovative thinking and problem-solving.
  • This approach equips students with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

7) Catalyst for forward-thinking individuals:

  • In essence, design thinking transforms education into a proactive, experiential journey.
  • As we explore the latest trends in design thinking, it becomes evident that this methodology serves as a catalyst for cultivating a generation of forward-thinking, adaptive individuals ready to make a meaningful impact on the world.

MIT Vishwaprayag University has introduced the Design Thinking course as a cornerstone of its induction program, recognizing the pivotal role universities play in shaping early education stages. The university’s approach emphasizes purpose and motivation, embedding teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills within the course structure.

Understanding the significance of Design Thinking in student development, MIT VPU seeks to prepare students to tackle real-world challenges by fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. The philosophy of Design Thinking, rooted in a human-centric approach, ensures efficient resource utilization and aligns with the university’s commitment to sensitizing students about community needs.

MIT VPU’s induction program marks the beginning of a transformative journey for students, engaging them with peers and the community to identify critical challenges and develop solutions tailored to human needs. This unique approach sets the stage for a dynamic learning environment that nurtures a proactive, experiential journey, equipping students with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.


As we embrace the potential of design thinking in education, we pave the way for a future where creativity, empathy, and innovation become integral components of the learning experience. That’s exactly what MIT Vishwaprayag University offers through the Design Thinking course as induction course to academic year fostering a human-centric philosophy and real-world problem-solving. This dynamic approach not only sensitizes students to community needs but also imparts essential skills like teamwork and critical thinking. MIT VPU is committed to transformative student journeys which ensures active engagement with societal challenges, instilling a sense of responsibility.

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