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Engineering Scholarships in India: 4 Opportunities for Students

Published on : 08/11/2023

Are you an engineering student in India seeking scholarships? If so, you’re in for a delightful surprise because there are many opportunities available. Scholarships are crucial for students pursuing B.Tech degrees, given the high costs. Typically, engineering courses in India last four years and can cost between INR 1.25 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year. Studying at well-recognized colleges or universities, especially premium ones, can cost between INR 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

Many students struggle to cover these expenses, especially for government or private colleges. This is where scholarships come in; they provide financial support for students’ education. Each year, more than 13 lakh students aspire to become engineers. To assist these future engineers in achieving their dreams, the central and state governments, universities, private organizations, and companies offer various scholarships and fellowships.

This article provides an updated list of scholarships for engineering students. Whether you’re pursuing a BE/BTech, ME/MTech, or another engineering program, this scholarship guide offers valuable information. Moreover, it will also cover how MIT VPU is among one of the private institutions that offer engineering scholarships.

How to Apply for Engineering Scholarships?

Students who want to apply for engineering scholarships in India can do so by visiting the website of the body/ organization offering scholarships as per their eligibility criteria. After logging in to the website, students have to fill out the application form with their initials and other necessary information. They would also have to provide the relevant data including educational/academic documents as well as proof of financial status (such as bank passbook, Aadhar Card, etc,) and then submit the application form.

Scholarships Funded by Central Government

The Indian government supports students by providing scholarships for technical and professional education. These scholarships are available for various levels of education, including undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs. Each year, the government allocates a significant budget for education, and a substantial portion of this is dedicated to scholarships for deserving and financially disadvantaged students.

State Government-Funded Scholarships for Engineering Students

In addition to support from the central government, state governments also provide scholarships to help students who want to study engineering. These scholarships are given based on a student’s performance in studies, financial situation, or a combination of both. They help cover the expenses of an engineering degree. You can learn about these scholarships on the National Scholarship Portal or your state’s scholarship website.

Scholarships for Engineering Students- Especially for Girls

The government of India has scholarship programs to help students in technical and professional education. These scholarships are for students pursuing engineering degrees, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Every year, the government dedicates a considerable amount of money to education, and a significant portion of this budget is used for scholarships, especially for deserving and financially needy students.

Scholarships for Engineering Students- Selective List

To add to the information above, here’s a list of a few more scholarships for engineering students in India. These scholarships are provided by different organizations, including private groups, NGOs, and the government.

1) Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship:

  • Supports Indian women enrolling as full-time students in B. Tech or Dual Degree B. Tech/M. Tech programs.
  • Aims to recognize exceptional female students in technology-related fields.

2) North South Foundation (NSF) Scholarship:

  • For students who completed Class 12 and want to study engineering or medicine.
  • Scholarships up to INR 25,000 are available for the entire course if the family’s yearly income is less than INR 90,000.

3) Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Merit-cum-Means Scholarships:

  • Based on both merit and financial need.
  • Open to students pursuing engineering, IT, pharmacy, medical, and architecture programs in recognized Indian institutions.
  • Scholarships can be as high as INR 50,000 per year.

4) Yashad – Sumedha Scholarship Programme:

  • Intended for talented students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Provides INR 20,000 per year to students in their first semester of a B. Tech program at any government college.

5) Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship:

  • Supports Indian women enrolling as full-time students in B. Tech or Dual Degree B. Tech/M. Tech programs.
  • Aims to recognize exceptional female students in technology-related fields.


The list doesn’t stop here. New engineering scholarships are introduced annually. Keep following our blog for the latest updates in the scholarship realm. Besides MIT Vishwaprayag University (MITVPU) also is committed to empowering students by offering engineering scholarships. These scholarships provide financial assistance to deserving candidates, enabling them to pursue quality engineering education without the burden of excessive costs. This initiative aligns with MITVPU’s mission of promoting excellence in engineering education and ensuring accessibility to all.

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