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BBA Course Details after 12th: Admissions 2024, Scope, Careers & Salary

Published on : 10/02/2024

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year undergraduate program designed to equip students for careers in the business sector. BBA graduates often pursue management positions, entrepreneurship, or roles in fields like marketing, accounting, finance, real estate, and education. The BBA curriculum offers specializations in areas such as Marketing, Healthcare, Accounting, or Management, providing targeted expertise for these industries

In this blog, you will find the BBA course details after 12th and reasons as to why to choose a BBA degree, its scope, career options, salary and higher education options to pursue after graduation. You will also learn about MIT Vishwaprayag University which offers BBA how its course is different from other universities, and why to pursue it.

Why Choose a BBA Degree?

If you are considering pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, MIT Vishwaprayag University is an excellent institute to consider. With its rigorous curriculum, industry-focused approach, and emphasis on practical learning, the BBA program at this university equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic business world.

BBA emerges as an ideal selection for students envisioning management and business careers after Class 12, offering them vital skill sets. In the highly competitive business world, strong leadership and managerial competencies serve as fundamental requirements for a successful career. Opting for BBA following Class 12 broadens the array of job opportunities for students. Furthermore, BBA graduates can enhance their career path by pursuing advanced studies such as an MBA, fostering their journey in management and business.

  • Accelerates Career Advancement:

    Efficiently launches careers in organizations or entrepreneurship, providing access to diverse industries and lucrative packages.

  • Improves Market Acumen:

    Fosters understanding of market demands and global trends, enriching career prospects and increasing earning potential.

  • Develop Managerial Skills:

    Delivers comprehensive training in management and leadership, preparing graduates for managerial roles and entrepreneurship, with average salaries ranging from INR 3 lakh to INR 8 lakh.

  • Global Employment Opportunities:

    Obtaining a BBA degree expands avenues for international work, nurturing professional growth on a global scale.

A BBA degree opens doors to numerous possibilities, enhancing your resume and equipping you with vital skills to thrive in the competitive business landscape. Whether you aim to explore new industries, establish your venture, or advance within your current organization, a BBA degree empowers you to pursue your ambitions effectively.


Why Choose a BBA Degree?


MIT Vishwaprayag University in Solapur offers a 4-year BBA degree program in specializations like Fintech with NSE Academy, Business Analytics, and Marketing Management. Moreover, the program is known for its single entry and multiple exit points as per NEP 2020 rules. If anyone pursuing this course has to leave for some reason they are still given some credibility to what they have learned. This means if they exit after one year- they are given a certificate, two years with a diploma, three years with a BBA degree, and final completion leads to a BBA with an honours degree. The Admissions 2024-2025 are currently open for this course. Any student who wishes to apply must have a 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent from any discipline required. For candidates in the reserved category, the requirement is relaxed to 45% marks or equivalent.

What is the scope of BBA ?

In BBA prospects, graduates can explore roles in sales, marketing, human resources, finance, IT, operations, and more. According to Payscale, the average salary for BBA graduates stands at INR 4.5 LPA. Additionally, they can pursue an MBA for lucrative managerial roles. Furthermore, opting for a BBA Course Abroad offers enhanced learning opportunities.


What are the career options after BBA ?

BBA graduates can explore roles such as business development executive, account manager, event manager, and more. Further details about career options post-BBA can be found in the table below:


Job Roles Average Salary (in INR)
Business Development Executive5 LPA
Marketing Executive7 LPA
Event Manager10.8 LPA
Account Manager6.02 LPA
Brand Manager15.3 LPA
Executive Assistant6.6 LPA
Travel & Tourism Manager6 LPA


Source: Glassdoor 2024

BBA Salary in India?

The salary of BBA graduates in India typically varies based on their specialization, the college from which they completed their BBA course and their internship experience. According to Glassdoor, the initial salary for Bachelor of Business Administration graduates can range from INR 5-15 LPA, with increases as they progress in their careers. Prominent recruiters for BBA graduates include Tata Consultancy Services, Deloitte, and KPMG, among others.

What to do After BBA?

BBA opens doors to numerous opportunities, allowing graduates to either enter the workforce or pursue advanced studies. With training across diverse subjects, BBA graduates have a wide array of career paths to explore.

Degree Courses After BBA ?

  • MBA: Pursuing an MBA after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration enhances students’ existing knowledge and opens doors to high-level job opportunities, often resulting in lucrative salary packages. Researching various MBA specializations is crucial for informed decision-making.
  • PGDM: Post Graduate Diploma in Management offers a slightly updated syllabus compared to MBA. Admission to PGDM programs is based on entrance exams and merit. Both MBA and PGDM are two-year courses.
  • MMS: Master of Management Studies is a two-year postgraduate program designed to impart advanced general management knowledge and develop managerial and leadership skills in students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which college is best for BBA after 12th?

    MIT Vishwaprayag University must be your top choice for BBA after completing 12th. The university is aligned as per the new NEP 2020 rules, making single entry and multiple exit points easier. You can always leave with a document in your hand as proof of your studies.

  2. What is the entrance exam for BBA in Solapur?

    The entrance exam differs as per the universities you wish to apply. For BBA at MIT Vishwaprayag University in Solapur, you must have a 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent from any discipline required. You can also apply through the Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam.

  3. What is BBA Full Form?

    The acronym BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. The BBA program spans three years and encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including Principles of Management, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, and Business Law.

  4. What can you do with a BBA?

    BBA graduates have the opportunity to explore diverse job roles like Marketing Executive, Business Development Executive, Brand Manager, Financial Analyst, and others. The program lays a solid groundwork for career advancement across multiple industries.

  5. What is a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)?

    A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree that provides a foundational understanding of business principles and their practical applications. It’s a versatile degree highly sought after due to its broad scope and applicability in various industries.

  6. What is a good salary for a BBA in private sector?

    Private sector employment opportunities for this course offer competitive salaries. Leading organizations such as Infosys, KPMG, Accenture, Tech Mahindra,  HCL Technologies, etc., are among the top recruiters. The average salary for a BBA graduate in the private sector is approximately INR 4.20 LPA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MIT Vishwaprayag University is in Kegaon Solapur, Maharashtra. It’s part of MIT Pune and has teamed up with over 30 international partners. They also have over 300 industry connections through a Special Advisory Board. Plus, they offer a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs.

MIT Vishwaprayag University offers flipped classrooms to enhance learning, focusing on sustainability. These classrooms provide self-paced online resources and foster active engagement during in-person sessions. The university’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its numerous international partnerships and industry connections. This innovative approach equips students with critical thinking skills to address real-world challenges.

MIT Vishwaprayag University collaborates with top companies through MIT Pune, enhancing job opportunities for students. These partnerships provide exposure to various industries and roles, increasing the chances of securing positions in reputable organizations through centralized placements.

As of 2023, MIT Vishwaprayag University offers 5 courses: BTech CSE, BBA, MBA, BCA, and MBA. To enrol, you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the respective course and also appear for the interview process wherever required. 

For admission into the courses offered by MIT Vishwaprayag University, students have to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the respective program. For the bachelor’s degree, students must have 10+2 in the relevant stream, entrance examination scores (if required), and a personal interview (if shortlisted). Master’s degree students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with entrance examination scores. Shortlisted candidates then go through a personal interview. 

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