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Careers @ MITVPU

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Department of Human Resource


To be the strategic partners in fostering healthy, Caring, Value based, Elevated, Vibrant, dynamic, progressive MIT Vishwaprayag University by collaborative approach, technology driven global HR practices and becoming the best workplace by choice for academicians and professionals.


To Create

To create a Climate of Sustainability, inclusivity, rewarding career with brilliant minds having high spiritual quotient (Social Quotient SQ, Emotional Quotient EQ, Intelligence Quotient IQ) and igniting the sense of belongingness towards organization.

To Provide

To provide an elevated, engaging, meaningful, uplifting work environment leading to building of a high-performance team.

To Excel

To excel in learning and development in a cutting edge research driven environment leading to building a professionally abreast skilled team of academicians and professionals.

To Invite

To invite, retain and nourish the best-in-class team of professionals by implementing innovative global Human Resource practices.

Become a part of MIT VPU

To re-invent yourself to explore & sculpt your future goals.

If you have:

  • The insatiable thirst to gain knowledge.
  • The quest for excellence.
  • The desire to innovate in everything you do.
  • The dedication and perseverance to deliver on time.
  • The capability to accept challenges in high pace growth oriented evolving work environment.

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Interested candidates can send their resumes to careers@mitvpu.ac.in

Hiring Values

We follow the VALUE-based Recruitment process at MIT VPU. While hiring talent, we value following:
Follow UGC (University Grant Commission) guidelines.
Academicians and professionals of repute in teaching, research and service experience facilitating to train and shape young minds for Globe.
Moral Character and integrity placed above everything.
Brilliant minds, highly skilled who have passion to do NEW and meaningful work in their profession.

Work Values

The MIT VPU fosters the culture of inclusivity for individuals of all backgrounds, creeds, culture & beliefs.

We believe in empowered woman and their potential and hence have conducive women centric uplifting work environment.

We understand and CARE people and believe that organization touches pinnacle due to its high driven people.


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Analytical Social Behaviour

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Quest for Excellence

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Work @ MIT VPU

The Sense of Excellence.

MIT VPU Work Culture

Competency based SMART

Competency based SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result Oriented & Time Based) goals.

Our people are multitalented and multitasked and yet remain eagle eyed on the goal.

Innovation and continual improvement in whatever we do.

Our working attitude is to innovate, explore, experiment, take risks, learn, improve, and implement with excellence. This drives our people to give “THE BEST IN THEM”. They have intrapreneurial skills.

Equal Opportunity for Growth.

MIT VPU is a global organization. We value diversity among our team members. Our activities are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or caste.

Potential and performance driven environment

We nurture talent with intelligence and integrity. We have a vibrant campus due to highly enthusiastic potential driven people.

Learning and Development work atmosphere

MIT VPU believes in an individual’s unseen potential. We believe in mining and polishing unseen potential of an individual by providing a learning and development work atmosphere..

Career: Performance Driven Progressive Career

Each talent hired has a growth-oriented journey at MIT VPU. The career is planned for an individual with mutual understanding and acceptance.


MIT VPU is set of self-aware, self-disciplined & self-driven academicians and professionals. We believe in giving flexibility, empowerment, and independence to achieve the tasks in the competitive work environment. Each team member at MIT VPU is not just an employee but rather shares the intrapreneurial flare and has fire to distinguish the self from the mass and achieve the BEST. MIT VPU gives the environment of flexibility which helps in balancing work and personal life with ease and comfort. MIT VPU makes the work enjoyable for our people.

Rewards & Recognition

MIT VPU respects and values each team member’s effort to accomplish the work with desired parameters. MIT VPU recognizes the efforts of the right team member at the right time at the right place. The top performers get recognition from MIT VPU in one or the other way each moment.

Journey of Life at MIT VPU

MIT VPU Citizenship

Each team member believes, respects, and values MIT VPU citizenship which implies having freedom & equality along with performance of duties and responsibilities and taking accountability of the tasks in hand. One can see the uniformity in the values of our people.

Joyful & BLISSFUL Culture in MIT VPU Campus

MIT VPU’s team is a highly charged up team. MIT VPU has various clubs driven by our passionate people like:

Self-Awakening Club: Which takes care of the holistic well being of our people by organizing many programs like meditation, yog – yoga, spiritual - Vedic talk shows, nature driven walks, connecting with awakening forums. This facilitates enhancing the emotional health of our people.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility: We reach out to needy, underprivileged people for their empowerment. We promote sustainable development in society by organizing and participating in various programs.

Campus Katta Club: Our people organize and enjoy various events on all festivals, important days like Environment Day, International Women’s Day. We celebrate each moment together.

Ekta - Junoon Club: Our people give their full participation in sports activities, trips and various fun activities and enjoy every moment of their life in MIT VPU Campus.

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