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M.Design - School of Design

The Master of Design is a full-time, two-year degree (4 semesters). The study of innovative communication strategies and analytical thinking are key components of the Bachelor of Design in Graphics and User Experience program.

2 Years

Course Description

Welcome to the M.Design

The Bachelor of Design is a full-time, four-year degree (8 semesters). The study of innovative communication strategies and analytical thinking are key components of the Bachelor of Design in Graphics and User Experience program

Students in the Design program gain awareness through research in fields like user studies and market research that are relevant to their issues and lead to comprehensive design solutions. Students are given industry-relevant software skills for visualization and documentation, enabling them to digitally produce realistic goods.

2 years (4 semesters)
Pass equivalent graduation examination.
● Submit the online application form at apply.mituniversityindia.edu.in with the application fee and all relevant enclosures
● Entrance Examination
● Shortlisted candidates will appear for a personal interview
● Final Results
Specialization - Under graduate Intake (180)
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science 60
Cyber Security and Forensics 60
Block Chain 60
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are one of the many branches of science, engineering, and technology. The specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science deals with core technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data warehouse, Data mining, Scripting language, Product development, Mathematical modeling

This specialization also gives importance to areas like big data analytics, fuzzy technologies, and artificial neural networks. It helps students in getting ready with skills to perform decisions that are based on data analysis.

Through AI and DS specialization, students will gain skills in areas like statistics, data scientists, machine learning, computer science, and logic.

Cyber Security and Forensic

Cyber Security and Forensic impacts knowledge about the body of the technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage and unauthorized access.

Cyber forensics is a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in cyberspace and digital storage media. The specialized program addresses the underlying need for cyber experts as the country is heading towards an internet explosion mostly fueled by e-commerce, e-banking, e-governance, and social media

Block Chain

The aim of Block Chain Technology specialization is to familiarize students with the functional and operational aspects of the crypto currency ecosystem. In this specialization, students develop an understanding of the emerging abstract models for Block chain Technology.

The primary objective of this specialization is to identify significant research challenges and technical gaps existing between theory and practice in crypto currency domain and to quickly configure a new development platform to understand the applications of block chain in cyber security, the integrity of information, E-Governance and other contract enforcement mechanisms

The curriculum of this programme is designed in such a way that students are exposed to the Basic Cryptographic primitives used in Block chain, Basic Distributed System concepts, Basic Block chain concepts, Limitations of block chain as a technology, and myths vs reality of block chain technology and have an understanding and working knowledge of the emerging block chain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bachelor in Design programme, which is a three-year full-time programme offered by MIT Solapur, provides specialisation like Graphic Design and User Experience Design.

The essential principles of design, fashion, and garment design are taught at MIT Solapur, a unique design school that can develop your knowledge of how to use innovative, inclusive, and open-ended problem-solving techniques. By the completion of the programme, you will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to pursue new paths, whether you choose to work for an organisation or launch your own business.

The highest packages offered by MIT Solapur for B.Des graduates of 8 LPA with 1500+ recruiters. Some of the companies that come for placements are Cognizant, Federal Bank, Tata Power and many more.